Maria (kawaiiame) wrote in everythingwicca,

I just had some pretty awesome news this week.
But I guess i better start from the beginning?

Okay, I started a Coven in my school... we have about nine members and we're all very close. We haven't been at it long. We have a very skilled Elder who will be leaving soon... but we've no High Priestess or Priest. So, guess what? My Coven members NOMINATED ME TO BE HIGH PRIESTESS!
It's a scary prospect. I've only just gone over the year-and-a-day thing (marked by the day after Litha/Summer Solstice) but my Elder will give me and my boyfriend (who has been nominated as High Priest dispact the fact that he's only been into Wicca for about two months) some books to read on leading Covens...
It's such a great honour, though! I hope you guys can all help me- you all soung so much more experienced in the Craf than me. I put up a good argument... I wanted Vickie to be the Priestess... I feel so useless.

Before I forget...

Blessed be,
Maria (Ick. I NEED a Coven name)
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