Pain is not to be feared nor loved but understood (mostlycelt) wrote in everythingwicca,
Pain is not to be feared nor loved but understood

Some things to think about

I thought I would pass on a few things that were passed on to me by a friend when I was just beginning to discover what paganism is all about..

The Redes...remnants of lost and forgotten Wiccan laws, redes speak to the heart as much to the head. Discover their inner meanings through meditation.

If ye would clear the path to will,
Make certain that the mind be still.

Silver in the well,
Secures the spell.

The guilty flee when none persueth.

Upon the clock,
Dependeth not.

The moving tide reveals the truth.

'Tis by the Sun that life is won;
'Tis by the Moon that change is done.

Secrets are best hidden upon the table.

Birds of the air
Don't care.

Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad.

Enhance a trance
With chants and dance.

Walk in balance

Turn the spoon
At change of Moon

Question framed by archway, finds it's answer by the cairn

As you weave and spin your spell,
Threefold return the tale will tell

Danger is never overcome without danger.

Be silent as the sacred Oak!

Once a witch, always a Witch

Guard the Mysteries' reveal them constantly!

As above, so below

Nothing is ever lost

Know Thyself

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

The only constant in the universe is change

Today will soon be yesterday

Thoughts are things.

Thirteen Goals of a Witch

1. Know Yourself

2. Know the Craft

3. Learn

4. Apply your Learning

5. Achieve Balance

6. Resist Temptations

7. Keep your thoughts in good order

8. Celebrate Life

9. Attune with the cycles of the Universe

10. Exercise both Mind and Body

11. Breathe and Eat Correctly

12. Meditate

13. Honor and Worship the Gods.
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