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An Online Coven for those Studying and Practicing Wicca

6/11/05 10:07 pm - xandersillusion - WITCH NAMES

I noticed that a lot of you have Witch names. How did you come to getting them? I want one but I don't know how to receive it.

Thanks and Blessed Be,

6/10/05 07:02 pm - feline_rune - Intro!

Hey there! My Wiccan name's Tigris. I've been studying (not practicing yet) Wicca for about 2 months. I want to learn as much as I can about Wicca before I begin practicing it. I read runestones and tarot cards, but they're more of a hobby. I'm so glad I've found an online coven. My parents don't know about my religion and I'm not ready to tell them yet. Because of that, most of my Wiccan materials are those that can fit in a drawer.

Ok, ok, I'm babbling. So...long story short: Great to be here, hope to learn a lot!

Blessed Be!

6/10/05 03:12 pm - sohalia_

Sorry If you've see this introduction elsewhere, however it's much eaier for my just to use this as a basic rundown of myself for any community I join.

In short... I'm Sohalia, almost 19 year old solitary eclectic Wiccan Spiritualist from Melbourne, Australia. I love anything that makes me really think, and explore my spirituality deeper than I normally would, and I love discussing like minded things with like minded people. I'm not very big on magic at the momment as I don't see much of a use for it in my current state, and I am sticking more closely to working on meditation, visualization, runes and working with my aura. I have plenty of knowledge to share, and plenty of room in my head and heart to learn more. I hope I can be a asset to this community as well as gain further knowledge from it.

If you have an interest in knowing a bit more about me, feel free to check under the cut. It's a little long.

A little more detail...(taken from my userinfo)Collapse )

Please feel free to add me if you like. I'm always looking for good discussion, and people to post opinions, oppositions and ideas about my spiritual ramblings.

6/9/05 04:58 pm - xandersillusion - WELCOME TO THE ONLINE COVEN

Hello everyone!

My name is Xander. I have been practicing Wicca for over two months now. I have leared a lot about Wicca and I am grateful that I have found Wicca. I have been much better in life and in my walk spiritually than I have in anyother religion. I welcome thee into this Coven as long as you enter with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Blessed be,
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